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L is for . . . Lego sculpture, Leicester Square and Lego shopping

June 26, 2017

Continuing on with the A to Z of family friendly activities in London we have the letter L.

Who doesn’t love Lego right!? This family-friendly day out focuses mostly on Lego and that is definitely not a bad thing. We started with Art of the Brick DC Super Heroes. So not only was there Lego there were also Super Heroes. I am a massive Superman fan, I remember wishing to be Lois Lane when I grew up and my grown up house is littered with Superman memorabilia. So this exhibition was ideal for me and for my inner child.

The exhibition is a series of rooms full of sculptures made of Lego. There are rooms dedicated to superheroes in general, specific heroes and of course the super villains. If you have children that like super heroes or Lego they will enjoy it but bear in mind that you cannot touch any exhibitions and there is no interacting with Lego until the free form building area at the end of the exhibition. I will also be honest, it’s expensive to get in but it’s great for photos.

After the exhibition, we hadn’t got our Lego fix so we decided to head to the Lego store in Leicester Square. We walked, the exhibition was on the South Bank and the weather was lovely, but it is quite far. There are lots of family friendly restaurants on the route though, we went for a burger while Henry took and epically long nap.

We were visiting the exhibition and Lego store on a weekday so both were quite quiet. We have walked past the Lego store at a weekend and there was a big queue but we walked straight in. Henry isn’t old enough to want Lego bought for him so it was quite safe taking him into the store. I probably wouldn’t recommend a visit with kids unless you’ve already made a deal about purchases! There lots of great photo opportunities in the store though. There is a tube carriage with Lego passengers, a Big Ben, red telephone box and much more.

There is also a lot of Lego to buy, I managed to leave the shop without buying anything but it was pretty hard to resist that Lego death star!

Art of the Brick


£16.50 for an adult and £11 for a child (over 3)


Level surfaces, when busy may have

to park pushchair


Baby Change facilities available.


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