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K is for Kite Day, Kite Flying and Kite Poetry

June 12, 2017

Continuing on with the A to Z of family friendly activities in London we have the letter K.

I know what you’re thinking, Claire you have totally cheated because you are clearly just going to write about Kites for K. And you would be right, but, the Streatham Kite Day is an amazing family friendly day in London. You have missed this year’s Kite Day but hopefully, you’ll put next years in your calendar after you’ve read this.

The Kite Festival started in 1998 and was actually called the Wind Festival (snigger snigger). Nowadays the festival is a day which includes kite stalls, food stalls, a field of kite flying for us amateurs and a central area for kite poetry. Kite poetry is the term used in kite circles for kite displays and actually, I kind of see why now. The displays were kind of amazing. Watching 1 man control 3 kites and make them move in sync and to music is fascinating.

Kite flying is quite important to me as it has been on my bucket list for a while. I remember flying a kite as a child but I also remember that it did not go very well and I suspect I got distracted by something shiny. So at 8 months pregnant my husband found out about my lack of kite flying and we bought a shark kite and spent an afternoon flying it on Clapham Common. The shark kite came out again for the festival. There is a large field at the back of the festival for flying your own kite along with what felt likes hundreds of other kite fliers. It was a health and safety nightmare but so much fun! There were invisible kite strings and dive bombing kites everywhere but we managed a couple of successful flying sessions.

After our flying session we had a walk around so Henry could nap and so we could marvel at the giant kites. There was a penguin, superman and a giant squid. Superman, I understand but mocking a flightless bird by making it a kite, shame.

We should have been a bit more prepared and brought a picnic but we never are so we instead had lunch from one of the foods stalls. We went with a hog roast – the best type of food served at any outdoor event. They also had stalls selling kites if you don’t have your own including the world’s smallest kite. We, of course, had to let Henry have a go but we were cheapskates and used the demo model. I’m glad, he really wasn’t that fussed!

In terms of facilities, there were toilets and a baby change in the park but lots of queues so it was alfresco nappy changes and a dash home to use the loo! I should also mention the festival is free to attend.

All in all another fun day in London at an event full of family fun.


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