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H is for . . . Hendrix, Handel and High Tea

May 8, 2017

Continuing on with the A to Z of family friendly activities in London we have the letter H.

OK, I should start by confessing that it was actually high coffee but it didn’t sound as good when I wrote the title but I’ll get to that later in the blog.

Jimi Hendrix and George Handel, not 2 names that you may associate with each other. However these 2 great names in music shared something in common and that was a building, obviously, several years apart.

Just behind New Bond street, you will find Handel and Hendrix in London. The former home of both Handel and Hendrix, it houses a small 3-floor museum. On the top floor, you will find an exhibition on Hendrix and his time in London and Hendrix’s bedroom. The bedroom has been replicated to look like Hendrix’s bedroom down to the lyrics on the bedside table and the ashtrays full of cigarette butts. You can also look through Hendrix’s record collection where you will find a couple of records of Handel’s music.

Downstairs you change eras and find yourself in Handel’s bedroom and composing room. They also have a room dedicated to my favourite kind of museum exhibit, clothes and dressing up. We let Henry channel his inner Hendrix with a ridiculous wig and guitar. I donned a Hendrix style jacket, Handel isn’t really my style!

The museum has a lift to access all the floors and toilets with a baby change. We weren’t allowed to take the pushchair upstairs so we put Henry in a carrier. I should say that the staff there were lovely, they knew a lot about the history of Hendrix and Handel and were happy to talk and answer questions.

We went for lunch nearby there are lots of chain restaurants around that are family friendly so now worries there.

To finish off the day we headed to John Lewis to their roof top garden for a drink. So here comes the high coffee, see what I did there. The garden has been designed in conjunction with the Gardening Society and has a pub/cafe which serves food and drink. It was a bit chilly but we had a warm coffee and a blanket to keep us warm. They had a high chair for Henry to sit in and he happily ate some carrot puffs while we drank our coffees. The views are what you’d expect from the top of a shop on Oxford Street but you can see the top of the London Eye, kind of!

Hendrix and Handel House
💷 £10 for an adult and £5 for a child


Lift to all floors but pushchairs not allowed
🚽 Baby Change facilities available.

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