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G is for . . . Greenery, Gardens and Golf

May 1, 2017

Continuing on with the A to Z of family friendly activities in London we have the letter G.

So for G we went to Battersea Park. Yes I know that doesn’t begin with G so bear with me!

To start with Battersea Park is an amazing bit of green open space in London. It’s only a short bus from us and we definitely don’t use it enough. There is so much to do there and until I did some research for the letter G I had no idea just how much stuff was there.

We started with a walk through the subtropical gardens. The Gardens were restored in 2004 and are currently filled with so much spring foliage. As you will understand from previous posts I don’t really know anything about plants but I do like a pretty flower and I love colours.

Battersea park has paths and signposts leading everywhere so it’s great for a stroll with or without the pushchair. Henry was enjoying a carry with his dad and it meant that I was at Henry’s eye height!

The most important G for the day was golf. Battersea Park has a mini golf course, who knew! Well, quite a few people, it was quite busy but there was still space for us. It’s actually quite a challenging course, my dad would be mortified if he saw my final scorecard. The husband managed to beat me even though he was baby wearing a sleeping Henry. Poor show on my part.

As for baby and child facilities in Battersea Park, there are lots. There are a few cafes as well as separate toilet blocks. The play park next to the mini golf looked epic, cannot wait until Henry is old enough to enjoy it. We had coffee at the Putt in the Park and then lunch at the Pear Tree Cafe. Unfortunately, I received bad service in both of these places with a lot of waiting and a meal that just never arrived but I understand that is not normally the case. I appear to be having a run of bad service, the husband, however, got his food straight away and it was lovely and tasty.

We headed home after this adventure but Battersea Park has a lot more to offer for other trips including a Zoo, Go Ape and The Pump House Gallery.


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  1. I never knew there was minigolf!!
    Love the pear tree. every time I’ve been there I’ve noticed the servers carry food from table to table asking whom it’s for until they find the right table- tho the tables are numbered and you have to give your number when you order. Maybe they move them around?!

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