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C is for . . . Canal Museum, Canal Walks and Camley Street Natural Park

April 3, 2017

Continuing on with the A to Z of family friendly activities in London we have the letter C.

It was my turn to choose the activities again, and I love a small niche museum, so the London Canal Museum was a perfect start! The canal museum is a short walk from King’s Cross station which is wonderfully accessible so perfect for the day out. The museum itself is quite small, set across 2 floors with lifts to each section of the museum as well as toilets on both floors including an accessible toilet and baby change. There is also a small bit of outside space that is accessible through the back of the museum. The Canal Museum does what it says on the tin – it charts the history of the canals across Britain with a focus on London canals. It also looks at different types of canal boats, how locks work and the use of horses in canal work. The building used to house an ice warehouse so there is a deep ice storage well and an exhibition about Carlo Gatti the ice cream maker that used the ice. Unfortunately, the museum was lacking an ice cream parlour, shame! For those of you with kids a bit older than Henry, there is a small activity nook with books and crafts and a couple of small interactive exhibits and a canal boat to explore.

Before we had Henry, Alex (the husband) and I used to go on a lot of guided London walks. I’m not from London so any exploring to be done is very exciting for me. We like a good self-led walk using a book, so I found a book of guided walks of London’s waterways in the library that was perfect. (Incidentally, I have been using the library since Henry was born, I’m starting to fall in love with local libraries!) The book had a walk that started at King’s Cross which went past the museum and then continued on along the canal. The canal route was accessible and in the sunny weather was perfect for a stroll to get Henry to sleep, just a shame he decided it wasn’t! We made it to Granary Square and the tiered seating by the canal. This was a good place to sit and feed Henry but our walk was slightly scuppered because at the moment there are some works going on so you can’t continue further along the canal.

We took this as a sign and stopped for lunch. There are lots of restaurants around Granary Square but they were all very busy and not great for pushchairs. There is however a giant Waitrose – so a supermarket picnic and a free coffee it was. Lots of places to sit in the sunshine as Henry finally had a nap.

After lunch we walked around the corner to Camley Street Natural Park. A small oasis of nature next to the railway line. It has a short part-accessible walkway around the park which contains a pond, wildflower meadow and lots of insect habitats. There are also lots of activities for the little ones. There is a short trail with clues, a mini beat hunting area and you can also go pond dipping. The path is wood chipped so quite bumpy for the pushchair but Henry slept through it so it can’t be that bad. There is a toilet there as well but no baby change facilities. It’s great and amazing to step into this area of nature so close to King’s Cross.

It started to rain just as we finished walking around so we decided to run inside to the British Library (which has some wonderful Quentin Blake illustrations), but that doesn’t begin with C, so I can’t talk about it!


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