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B is for . . . Brick Lane, Bagels and Black Cultural Archives 

March 27, 2017

Continuing on with the A to Z of family friendly activities in London we have the letter B.

It was the husband’s turn to pick the activities for the letter B and he didn’t disappoint. It was an absolutely beautiful day in London and he’d found a downloadable walking tour of East London. It started from Liverpool street station which is accessible so we were all good taking the pushchair. The tour was from Queen Marys University and includes a map and sections to listen to at several stops. We didn’t do the complete tour, we ended at Brick Lane as the full tour would have taken too long for us and Henry. The sections we did listen to were interesting, the area has a lot of history that I didn’t know about from Jewish soup kitchens to silk trading Huguenots.

Once we’d arrived at Brick Lane we stopped for lunch and by lunch I mean Brick Lane’s world famous salt beef bagels from Beigel Bake. They are amazing, get them with pickles and mustard for the full taste sensation. We also stopped in for a couple of rainbow bagels at the bakery next door because I love a good food trend.

We stopped for lunch in Allen Gardens, just off of Brick Lane, an expanse of green open field which has a play park to entertain children that are bigger than Henry! It’s also home to Spitalfields City Farm. We ate lunch while basking in the sunshine and Henry napped. I could quite easily have fed Henry in the park and we could have done a nappy change there too as we have a waterproof mat but we decided to find somewhere for a coffee instead for a less alfresco experience.

There are loads of coffee shops around mostly in and around Spitalfields Market. If you don’t fancy a bagel there are many family friendly restaurants to be found there too.

After lunch and a spot of sunbathing we headed home to Brixton for a short visit to the Black Cultural Archives. The exhibition Rights of Passage used objects from the collection to form a narrative about resistance from the 1900’s to modern day. It was a small exhibition but they don’t have a lot of space. There is a cafe which has a nice outdoor space at the archive, unfortunately, the lift was broken so we could only explore the ground floor on this visit.

It was a lovely day out, I arrived home well fed and happy.

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